Business Development through Website, Email, and Social Media Marketing Programs

We provide programs and guidance on how to develop your practice through the most effective and efficient vehicles in your specific community.  We will help you get the word out, let your community know what you are doing.  The scope of the program is extensive.  You choose the range and support needed.   We offer a free Strategic Planning worksheet to everyone who wants to see where they are before starting any program.

Website Help, Patient Acquisition Funnel Management, SEO Instruction

The most successful doctors have implemented a regenerative medicine specific page on their existing website or make a brand new regenerative medicine specific site.  Use the words that best describe services offered.  Use good SEO techniques so the page title lists items that are in the page description and throughout that page.  Title each page with 2-3 key words such as:  PRP | Regenerative Medicine | City I practice in or Knee Pain | Platelet Rich Plasma | Biologic Therapy.     We have created a sample website for RMTI Alumni to use for content or design ideas.

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